Survivor Rantingly Cancelled

Rantingly canceled’s brand new show Survivor Rantingly has been cancelled by the creator after just one episode. The shocking announcement was made early Saturday morning by Rantingly spokesman Dan Gleebitz.  “The creator decided to abandon the show due to a lack of interest…there are currently 2500 daily Rantingly users and there were a total of 12 that participated in the episode,” said Gleebitz. The newly hired spokesman went on to add, “Of the 12 suggestions, 3 were for people already on the front page, 3 were for the guy pictured on the bottom of the front page with a giant piece of f*cking tape over his mouth, and 1 was for OJ Simpson.” When we reached out to the show’s creator for a comment he refused answer any questions; he picked up the phone, but all we could hear was deep breathing and what appeared to be Adele’s ‘Hello’ playing loudly in the background. The pilot episode of Survivor Rantingly reached a total audience of 500 people and even brought one enthusiastic critic to exclaim, “I love this…premise!” With no season finale to be aired it seems that the show’s creator took matters into his own hands and just replaced Sarah Sanders’ twitter feed with Brian Cates.

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