Reporter Asks President Trump If He’s ‘Rattled’ By The Incident…



REPORTER: “Are you rattled by this at all?”TRUMP: “Do I seem rattled?”


POTUS Confirms That An Armed Individual Was Shot By Secret Service Outside Of The White House


President Trump confirms that an armed individual was shot by Secret Service outside of the White House and the person was taken to the hospital


Earlier…Trump Abruptly Pulled From Briefing After Shooting Outside White House…


BREAKING: President Trump abruptly leaves press conference mid-sentence after an aide gets his attention. The President offers no explanation as he leaves.

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  1. jainphx August 10th, 2020 at 11:15 pm

    Touch a hair on his head and watch what happens! Some devilcRATS would walk around very afraid, and with huge security, that may or may not stop the revenge! Do you hear that devilcRATS that’s a warning!


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