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Sally Yates Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee





Lindsey Graham Opening Remarks


Sen. Graham opening remarks:”I want everyone to know, Mrs. Yates included, that the Russians did interfere in our elections… That’s not the point of contention with me. What happened during Crossfire Hurricane is very much a concern of mine.” pic.twitter.com/aaoYjGZF54


Yates Says She Wouldn’t Sign Carter Page FISA Based On Dossier Again


Sally Yates admits she wouldn’t sign FISA warrant application based on the Steele dossier againhttps://t.co/KKwbltvDBi pic.twitter.com/wEC86uCeM7


Lindsey Graham Asks If Former FBI Director James Comey Went “Rogue”


Sen. LIndsey Graham asks if former FBI Director James Comey went “rogue” during the Flynn investigation. Former deputy attorney general Sally Yates: “You could use that term, yes.” pic.twitter.com/kgEJvkVZTv


Yates Asked About “Logan Act” Conversations


Sen Graham: “Did [former VP Joe Biden] mention the Logan Act?”Sally Yates: “I don’t remember him saying much of anything.”Sen. Graham: “Did anybody mention the Logan Act?”Sally Yates: “I have a vague memory of Comey mentioning the Logan Act.” pic.twitter.com/h9AyrreGap


Feinstein “Sees No Reason” For Senator Hawley’s Remarks About DOJ Corruption


@SenFeinstein says she “sees no reason” for Senator @HawleyMO’s remarks on corruption at the DOJ which she calls “inflammatory.”HAWLEY: “We have a deliberate and systematic misleading of a federal court here…” pic.twitter.com/MOHEyk8L6M


Yates Says She Relied On The FBI To Verify The Accuracy Of The Steele Dossier


KENNEDY: “Tell me every step you took to verify the accuracy of the Steele Dossier.”YATES: “I relied on the FBI as the fact finders here and the lawyers in the national security division.”KENNEDY: “All of whom hated Trump, right?” pic.twitter.com/fXXrfrMrsF


Cruz Grills Yates


WATCH: Sen. @tedcruz grills Sally Yates.Cruz: “When did you first become aware that the Obama Admin. was surveilling the Donald Trump campaign?”Sally Yates: “The Obama Admin. was not surveilling the Donald Trump campaign.”Cruz: “So a FISA application is not surveillance?” pic.twitter.com/IJSxalco49

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