Afternoon At The Kenosha Improv


Kenosha Woman Goes Off-Script At Biden Event

“I was told to go off this paper but I just can’t”



The “Paper” She Refers To Is Reportedly A List Provided By Black Lives Activists Kenosha



???? Woman at Biden event in Kenosha says she was given a “paper” telling her what to say.”I’m just going to be honest, Mr Biden. I was told to go off this paper, but I can’t.”


Deleted my original tweet on this. According to a reporter on the ground, Black Lives Activists Kenosha (the org she’s a part of) gave her a list of demands on the paper, not the Biden campaign. You can watch her full comments below.


Biden Won’t Lay Out Tax Plan Details “Because They’ll Shoot Me”


Joe Biden says he won’t lay out details of his tax plan in Kenosha “because they’ll shoot me”


Here’s The Full Off-Script Question…


Here’s the full video of the woman who came up to the mic and says she was “told to go off this paper” if you’re interested in hearing her full remarks to Joe Biden.



So uh, what is going on here?