Zuckerberg, Cook, Bezos & Pichai Testify Before House Judiciary Committee




Cicilline Opening Statement: “Concentrated Economic Power Leads To Concentrated Political Power”


@RepCicilline opening statement at big tech antitrust hearing:”Concentrated economic power leads to concentrated political power.”


Jim Jordan: “I’ll Just Cut To The Chase, Big Tech Is Out To Get Conservatives…”


@Jim_Jordan:”I’ll just cut to the chase, big tech is out to get conservatives… That’s a fact. “July 20, 2020: Google removes the homepages of Breitbart and the Daily Caller.”


Dems Deny Jim Jordan’s Request To Have Rep. Johnson Participate In Hearing


“This has never happened in the history of the Judiciary Committee.”@Jim_Jordan spars with @davidcicilline after the Democrat denied his request for @RepMikeJohnson, ranking member of the Constitution Subcommittee, to participate in the Big Tech hearings.


Zuckerberg Claims To Be A Champion Of Free Speech


Mark Zuckerburg:”Frankly, I think we have distinguished ourselves as being one of the companies that defends free expression the most”


Rep. Sensenbrenner Asks Facebook CEO About Donald Trump Jr. Being Suspended From Twitter


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner asks Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about Donald Trump Jr. being suspended from Twitter:”Well first to be clear I think you might be referring to happened on Twitter.”


Gaetz Goes After Google CEO For Connections To China


@RepMattGaetz goes after Google CEO Sundar Pichai for connections to China:”Why would Google aid the Chinese military, but have ethical concerns about working alongside the American military?”


Pichai: “There’s Nothing In The Algorithm That Has Anything To Do With Political Ideology”


@Google CEO @sundarpichai tells Congress that Google approaches their “work in a non-partisan way.””There’s nothing in the algorithm that has anything to do with political ideology.”

Jordan: “Is Google Going To Tailor Its Features To Help Joe Biden In The 2020 Election?”


Rep. @Jim_Jordan: “Is Google going to tailor its features to help Joe Biden in the 2020 election?” @Google CEO Sundar Pichai: “We support both campaigns. – We approach our work in a non-partisan way…”


Chaos As Scanlon Accuses Jordan Of Asking About “Conspiracy Theories”


WATCH:Jordan to Raskin: “Mr. Raskin, you want to talk about masks? Why would the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury unmask Michael Flynn’s name?”The Deputy Secretary of the Treasury who unmasked Flynn was Raskin’s wife, Sarah Raskin…


Gaetz: Leaked Memos Prove Google Manually Intervenes With Search Results


@RepMattGaetz to Google CEO Sundar Pichai:”You said we don’t manually intervene on any particular search result, but leaked memos obtained by the Daily Caller show that isn’t true…”


Rep. Steube Asks Zuck How The Company Chooses Content Moderators


@RepGregSteube asks Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg how the company chooses content moderators.


Gaetz Challenges Bezos For Using The SPLC To Dictate Who Can Receive Donations On Amazon


@RepMattGaetz challenges Jeff Bezos for using the Souther Poverty Law Center to dictate who can receive donations on Amazon Smile:”Why you would place your confidence in a group that is so out of step and seems to take mainstream Christian doctrine and label it as hate?”


Steube Asks If The Chinese Government Steals Technology From U.S. Companies


@RepGregSteube asks all four of the witnesses if the Chinese government steals technology from U.S. companies:Mark Zuckerberg is the only one who gives a direct answer of “yes.”

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