Rantingly Twitter Feeds Temporarily Unavailable, Also Dealing With Server Issues…

February 9th, 2023


Hey everybody, it’s been a pretty frustrating couple of days working on the site.

The site has been running pretty slow lately and on top of that twitter has decided to make changes to their API which has caused the twitter feeds on Rantingly not to work.

Here’s a twitter thread from the Twitter Dev Team.

I understand about 10 words in this thread, but my guess is that Twitter is now treating anyone that uses the Twitter API as a bot.

I’ve seen other issues on twitter in the last 24 hours including people only being able to make a certain amount of tweets in a day and users being unable to follow other users, so hopefully this is just a temporary issue and twitter is working on a fix.

I’m also working on fixing some issues on the backend of the site to make the site load faster for everyone.

If you ever notice the site is loading slowly, that means it’s also loading slow for me, which makes updating the site with new articles kind of a nightmare.

I’ll keep you guys updated and thanks for your patience.