Project Veritas: Nevada Democrat Party Organizer Exposed Bashing Hispanic Voters

November 4th, 2022



Latest From Project Veritas…

  • Isaac Gudino, Nevada Democrat Party Field Organizer: “Have you ever like, spoken to like, a Hispanic? Because when you do, it makes more sense…That’s everybody’s issue of conflating like, ‘Hispanics only care about immigration. That’s it.’ You ever talk to, like, again…they’re just ‘muy machismo.’ Like, ‘Hey, you know, I don’t like gay people and s***.’ It’s just, it’s normal to me. It doesn’t surprise me anymore.”
  • Gudino: “Like, if there’s any reason we [Nevada Democrats] lose, it will be [because of] Latino Republicans.”
  • Gudino: “I saw like a f***ing Spanish [sign] — I don’t really speak [Spanish], but I can read a little bit and it was just like, ‘The Party of Freedom, The Party of Liberty,’ and it was all in Spanish. And I was just like, ‘They’re talking about being “Pro-Life” and being “Pro-Family. “It was like, ‘The Latino Way.’ I was like, ‘Oh, now they — somebody got smart enough to write their s*** in Spanish.”



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