Leah Remini Wants LAPD To Investigate Officer Who Helped Les Moonves And The Department’s Interactions With Scientology

November 12th, 2022


From The Wrap:

Former Scientologist turned outspoken critic Leah Remini on Thursday called on the Los Angeles Police Department to investigate ties between the church and the LAPD officer who has been accused of leaking confidential information about sexual misconduct accusations against former CBS CEO Les Moonves to the network. She also called on LAPD to sever any ties it may have with Scientology.

In a series of Tweets on Thursday, Remini said that the accused former officer, 34-year LAPD veteran Cory Palka, was in charge of the LAPD division where, in 2013, she filed a missing person report for Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

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Here’s The Full Twitter Thread:

Many of you know about Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology’s leader David Miscavige, who has been missing for over 15 years.

Well, I have got a hell of an update for you…

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Meet Cory Palka, a 34-year vet of LAPD and a longtime captain of the Hollywood Division.

Cory was in charge of the division where I filed my missing person’s report into the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige.

Here, Cory accepts a check from Scientology for an LAPD charity.

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Here’s where things get interesting…

Cory is now being investigated for providing confidential investigative information to top CBS executives.

Which begs the question…what investigative information has he provided to Scientology over the years?

NYT Article Link: How an L.A.P.D. Officer Helped Les Moonves Fight an Assault Complaint


In 2013, after I left Scientology, I filed a missing person’s report with the LAPD on Shelly.

By the time I filed the report, it had been nearly eight years since I had seen or heard from Shelly.

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At Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006, I was shocked when Shelly wasn’t with her husband, David Miscavige.

Tom’s wedding was dubbed “the wedding of the century” in Scientology. It was the most critical event for top Scientologists.

Shelly was always with her husband. She was his shadow, not only because she was married to him but also because she was his top aide.

For her not to be in attendance was not only unusual but also unimaginable.

When I asked where Shelly was, Tommy Davis, Tom Cruise and David Miscavige’s henchman told me, “you don’t have the fucking rank to ask about Shelly.”

I was subjected to months of cruel interrogations and reprogramming for the “high crime” of asking where Shelly was.

My letters to Shelley had all gone unanswered. I couldn’t reach her by phone either.

So when I left Scientology, my first goal was to try and find Shelly.

I filed a missing person’s report through a friend I knew at the LAPD.

Hours after I filed the missing person’s report, the case was closed, and the LAPD announced to the press that they had found Shelly.

This news was released first to the press, not to me, who filed the report.

I learned about all of this from the media, not from the LAPD.

When I asked if detectives had spoken to or had seen Shelly themselves, I was told that was “classified” by the LAPD.

I was told to file a public record request if I wanted further information. I spent $50k in attorneys fees filing various requests. My requests for information from the LAPD were shut down.

I still don’t know anything about the circumstances of this investigation.

Scientology has always done a great job at ingratiating itself with law enforcement despite being experts in obstructing justice.

Scientology hires off-duty LAPD cops as security and donates to LAPD charities.

All while instructing their members never to help any criminal investigations involving Scientologists and making it a high crime within Scientology to report Scientologists to law enforcement.

When I met with Cory Palka about Shelly, he had a letter on his desk thanking him for all his help with Scientology matters and inviting him to come and have lunch, as a guest, at the Celebrity Center.

I was so alarmed by Cory’s closeness with Scientology I even offered to personally double any donations they made to LAPD charities if he wouldn’t accept donations from them.

Cory was incredibly dismissive.

Take a look at these emails, obtained by @TonyOrtega94, that Cory exchanged with Scientology officials.

Look how helpful Cory is to Scientology.

Look how friendly their relationship is.





















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Cory even assigned a particular detective who could personally handle Scientology’s complaints!

He also agreed to help introduce them to the Detroit Chief of Police!

This is unheard of!

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LAPD Lieutenant Andre Dawson, the detective in charge of my missing person’s report into Shelly Miscavige, also has a cozy relationship with Scientology.

Here he is speaking at Scientology’s celebrity center at an event about human trafficking!

You can’t make it up!

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Cory Palka also allowed Scientology to setup an “informational kiosk” at the LAPD Hollywood division.

Here’s what it looked like…luckily it was quickly taken down.

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An investigation must be opened into Cory’s relationship with Scientology and the LAPD’s interactions with Scientology overall.

And the LAPD must not attend Scientology events anymore or accept their funds.