Ivy League School To Start Interrogating Ph.D. Applicants On How They Will Advance ‘Diversity’

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Brandon Poulter | Daily Caller News Foundation

October 5, 2023


An Ivy League university will now be requiring doctoral applicants to submit a 300-word diversity statement, according to the Brown Daily Herald.

Brown University administrators announced changes to Brown University’s Ph.D. admissions process Tuesday in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling banning race-based admissions, as well as changes to their Title IX policies, according to the Brown Daily Herald. Brown’s new Ph. D. admissions process will now include a diversity statement that questions ways in which applicants will “advance diversity.”

Brown’s Ph.D. applications will now ask “students to speak to the ways in which their backgrounds might bear on their interest in pursuing particular areas, as well as what commitments they may have to advance diversity within their disciplines or areas of research,” according to Thomas Lewis, dean of the Brown Graduate School.

The university will also be changing their Title IX program to use a “single-hearing officer model,” in which a single person looks at the facts and policies to make determinations regarding Title IX cases, according to the Brown Daily Herald. The current Title IX program at Brown University requires hearings about cases to be heard by an appeals panel involving the student, staff and faculty members.

Some states like Texas and Florida have implemented laws to ban public funding for colleges and universities that use diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs, and some schools are rebranding their DEI efforts. Some colleges and universities have started using questions about identity in admissions essays following the Supreme Court’s ban on race-based admissions.

Brown University did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation.


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