Andy Ngo, Editor At Quillette, Attacked And Robbed By Antifa Members In Portland



Andy Ngo, editor at Quillette, was attacked and robbed by Antifa members at a rally in Portland. Suspects still at large.

Ngo made two follow-up tweets after posting the video above…


Andy Ngo on Twitter

Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance . If you have evidence Of attack please help





@Jimryan015  appears to have captured part of the assault on Ngo…

Jim Ryan on Twitter

First skirmish I’ve seen. Didn’t see how this started, but @MrAndyNgo got roughed up.

On Friday Ngo tweeted that he was ‘nervous’ about today’s rally…


Andy Ngo on Twitter

I am nervous about tomorrow’s Portland antifa rally. They’re promising “physical confrontation” & have singled me out to be assaulted. I went on Tucker Carlson last year to explain why I think they’re doing this: They’re seeking meaning through violence.


Report From KOIN Portland:

Opposing Groups Clash In Downtown Portland…

Opposing groups clash in downtown Portland



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