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Exclusive: As Drudge Report falters amid anti-Trump shift, rivals on right gain ground

While his eponymous Drudge Report is still the king of conservative aggregator websites, Matt Drudge ‘s rivals are gaining ground. Five right-tilting upstarts – Whatfinger News, Liberty Daily, Rantingly, NewsAmmo and Gab Trends – increased their average monthly traffic and engagement, as measured by average visit duration and average pages per visit, from September-October 2018 to 2019, according to SimilarWeb, which shared its data with The Washington Times.



On Drudge Alternatives

Many of you will have read Irish’s note that he had given up on the Drudge Report last weekend. Me, too. In the case of Drudge, he has been sliding into irrelevancy (by sliding to the left) for a while now.


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