5 Years Of Rantingly

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Good Afternoon

Let’s begin this post by starting it

I am Nick, the person that runs Rantingly

My pronouns are He and Him, and I am a Man sitting on a couch wearing sweat pants

Today marks the 5th year anniversary of Rantingly.com

An anniversary is something that some folks may refer to as “a birthday”

Rantingly is a website that people from ALL OVER THE WORLD  get their news from

A website is a place FULL OF INFORMATION that people can go to on the INTERNET

In the past 1,825 days I have posted over 100,000 articles

I have run the site solo, which means by myself

Today I Renew My Commitment To The Urgency Of Now 

It Is Time For Me To Keep Doing What I Have Been Doing And That Time Is Every Day

Thank You


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